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In the U.S., a hit can air for the better part of a decadeCoach Outlet or more, amassing millions of fans, hundreds of Coach Outletepisodes and complete DVD collections the sizeChanel Handbags of encyclopedias. In the U.K., theCoach Outlet BBC’s version of The Office ran for two seasons and two Christmas specials despite being Coach Outletone of its biggest hits ever, and it’s notChanel Bags unusual in that respect. NBC’s version has alsoCoach Factory Outlet turned in some of the best comedy of the past decade, but as it plods through its eighth season with no Coach Outlet Onlinelead and little left to say, one can’t help wondering if it would have been better Coach Outletto remember it as a shorter-lived burst of televisualCoach Outlet genius, as Ricky Gervais’ original brainchild always will be.There are underlying Coach Outlet Onlineeconomic for the two different models. The goal ofLouis Vuitton Bags almost any American commercial series is to air at least 100 episodes, because Coach Factory Outletthat’s when it can be sold into syndication and aired as reruns on otherLouis Vuitton Bags stations or networks. That’s where the real money is. Coach Factory StoreBut the BBC is publicly financed, so not every showCoach Outlet has to earn its investment back with a multiseason run.That means that in the U.S., the schedule Coach Factory Outletis often clogged with shows that aren’t as good as they once were, to the point where the phrase jump the shark Coach Outlet Storehas itself jumped the shark. It’s a familiar pattern:Coach Factory Outlet a show debuts and finds an audience (either quickly or less so), it runs a few Coach Outletsuccessful years, and then, usually around the sixth season,Chanel Bags the writers run out of ideas (or theChanel Bags original creators bail entirely), and it’s just marking time until the inevitable Louis Vuittonannouncement that this season or the next will be the show’s last. So we tune back in to see how it all ends, and then weCoach Factory Store’re left with the fond memories of its better days.Louis Vuitton But it seems like we could have saved a few years there in the middle.

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HOROSCOP 17.11.2011


21.03 - 20.04

Iubire. Situaţia sentimentală vă încântă prin declaraţii pasionale.Sănătate. Faceţi tot felul de scenarii în urma cuvintelor mai dure ce vă sunt adresate.Bani. Consideraţi că nu trebuie să mai faceţi economii drastice. Toate sumele de care dispuneţi sunt orientate către organizarea unei călătorii absolut indispensabile.

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